How to Teach your Kid to Read- In Real Life

I've been hearing from many parents and caregivers that they are feeling a push/pull/nudge/overwhelming pressure to teach their child to read this spring while schools are physically closed and that they don’t know where to start or how to do it “right". That they are feeling tasked with this while they are attempting to work and parent and teach all at once while living and being an individual in a completely unfamiliar time. We’ll talk about what research tells us about developing effective reading skills, what is actually expected in Kindergarten and Grade 1 (and why this isn’t a huge deal anyways), and some strategies and tools you can use at home to support your child. I’ll share specific examples, resources for online and offline learning, and ideas for how to talk to your child’s teacher about your child’s reading. NEXT SESSION Wednesday, May 13 at 8:30PM PST. Doesn't work to join us live? I'll be recording this session and uploading it after the live call so you can watch when it works for you! This session is designed for parents and family caregivers with children aged 4-6 or those beginning their formal journey to more fluent reading. ECEs and Childcare providers are welcome to attend, but Professional Development certificates are not issued for this session.

What I'm talking about...

I believe that we all learn best in connection with others and through real life experiences.

That optimal reading habits are developed cuddled up on the couch or while reading road or trail markers on an adventure. 

That we are ALL readers already- and that we are all practicing to become STRONGER readers.

That effective reading skills are developed in combination with speaking, listening, writing, and drawing.

That parents and other caregivers are exceptionally well suited to support children in their reading because of the intense bonds and trust that exist in those relationships.

That teachers are working hard right now to support from afar and that as a certified teacher who is not practicing these days, I can help lighten their load by answering some of your questions and offering my support.

I am a BC-certified teacher specialized in Early Childhood Education, have taught Kindergarten through Grade 7, and am currently supporting my children in their own home learning journeys. My approach is one of love, acceptance, fun, and freedom.

I'd love to support you and your family. Hope to see you soon.