Reflecting and Aligning

This workshop is designed to empower early learning and childcare professionals to take ownership in their practice and recognize the underlying theories that uphold these actions. We begin with a brief introduction to the Reggio Emilia approach and continue to look more closely at the idea of “The Image of the Child” as a framework for our own values-based pedagogy. We will practice looking beyond the aesthetics to identify the drivers behind pedagogical choices. Karen will share learning stories and ideas from Reggio Emilia resources, Reggio inspired programs, and her own practice. Participants will be guided through a social constructivist, Reggio- inspired framework of critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity to discover more about their own guiding principles. We will make goals and think of small and big changes participants can make to closer align their practice with their beliefs about children, childhood and learning. Participants will leave feeling confident, clear in their purpose, and full of new ideas.

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